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You’re Ugly Too

You're Ugly Too | Irland 2014 | Drama, Comedy | Mark Noonan | 6

Will has been given an early release from prison in orderto take care of his 11-year-old niece Stacey. Stacey isn’t very keen on the idea - especially when Will takes her to their new home: a trailer park in the dreary midlands of Ireland.

The Hole in the Ground

Irland 2019 | Horror, Drama | Lee Cronin | 16

Single mom Sarah has moved to a remote area with her son Chris. One night she suddenly comes across a gigantic hole in the ground and Chris shortly disappears. Then he reappears and everything is seemingly fine. An Irish psychological horror film.


Irland/Großbritannien 2022 | Science Fiction | Andrew Legge | 12

England before World War II: two inventors develop a time machine. LOLA receives radio waves from the future.

Haunting of the Queen Mary

The Haunting Of The Queen Mary | Großbritannien 2023 | Horror | Gary Shore | 16

A somewhat muddled but ambitiously staged horror film that deals with the legends about the Queen Mary.

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