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Calvary | Irland/Großbritannien 2014 | Drama, Comedy, Crime Drama | John Michael McDonagh | 16

In confession a member of his parish announces that he is going to kill Father James Lavelle. The priest (Brendan Gleeson) has one week to find his murderer and convince him otherwise.

In Bruges

In Bruges | GB 2007 | Gangster Film, Comedy | Martin McDonagh | 16

Trespass Against Us

Trespass against us | Großbritannien 2016 | Drama, Crime Drama, Thriller | Adam Smith | 16

The Cutlers are an archaic family of outlaws who roam the fringes of UK society, taking whatever they need. Chad (Michael Fassbender) is the king of the game, but he wants his children to have a different future.


Hampstead | Großbritannien 2017 | Love-story, Drama | Joel Hopkins | oA

A love story and real estate fairy-tale with Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson. American Emily sees a man swimming in a pond from her skylight in her London apartment. Donald is illegally living in a self-made hut in the park that is about to be ...

Song from the Sea

Song of the Sea | Dänemark/ Frankreich/ Irland/ Belgien/ Luxemburg 2014 | Animation, Family Film, Fantasy | Tomm Moore | oA

SONG FROM THE SEA, told in beautiful, hand painted animated images is the story of a brother and a sister who go through a series of adventures inspired by Irish folk tales and finally become friends.

Paddington 2

Großbritannien 2017 | Family Film, Comedy, Animation | Paul King | oA

Paddington wants to buy a pop-book for his aunt Lucy‘s birthday in London, but first he has to save money and then the book gets stolen. There are new, lovably set-up adventures surrounding the little bear.

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