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The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum | USA 2019 | Comedy | Harmony Korine | 16

He used to be a poet and dreamt of writing the Great American novel, then Moondog created a life for himself that‘s comfortable, like one long, warm sunset.


Submergence | USA 2018 | Drama, Thriller | Wim Wenders | 12

A MI6 agent pretending to be a hydraulic engineer and a deep-sea researcher fall in love on the Norman beach. He is then captured by Islamists and she submerges in the Nordic Sea.

Lost River

USA 2014 | Fantasy, Thriller | Ryan Gosling | 16

The city of of Lost River is a place where nature has overpowered humanity. It is a place that seems to be without a past nor a future, stuck in an eternal standstill. Ryan Gosling’s directing debut is a bleak apocalyptic fantasy inspired by the ...

Seneca – On the Creation of Earthquakes

Seneca – On The Creation Of Earthquakes | Deutschland/Marokko 2022 | Historical Film, Drama | Robert Schwentke | 16

Schwentke‘s new film SENECA, revolves around the Roman philosopher who was the teacher and mentor of young emperor Nero for some years and later died due to his proximity to power.

The Sisters Brothers

USA/Frankreich/Rumänien/Spanien 2018 | Drama, Western | Jacques Audiard | 12

The Sisters Brothers are ruthless assassins. They are meant to get a secret formula from a gold prospector that will simplify the digging of gold and then murder the man, but the prospector has used his charm and friendliness to befriend one of them.

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