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Grossbritannien/USA 2019 | War Film, Drama, Historical Film | Sam Mendes | 12

Simply breath-taking or blatant pro-military propaganda? Our authors Tom Dorow and Jared Abbott take opposing views to director Sam Mendes' and cinematographer Roger Deakins' one-take-film about two British soldiers in World War I.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice through the Looking Glass | USA 2016 | Adventure, Family Film, Fantasy | James Bobin | 6

Alice finds a magic mirror that brings her back to the fantastical world.

Handsome Devil

IRL 2016 | Drama | John Butler


Großbritannien 2014 | Comedy | Matthew Warchus | 6

England 1984. Based on true events, PRIDE tells the story of an unusual friendship between a group of lesbian and gay activists and a mining community in Wales.


Denial | USA/Großbritannien 2016 | Biography, Drama | Mick Jackson | 12

When Debora Lipstadt publishes her book “Denying the Holocaust” in 1993, Holocaust denier David Irving sues her for libel. Lipstadt and her lawyers have to prove that Irving distorted the facts with bad intent.

This Beautiful Fantastic

This Beautiful Fantastic | USA, Großbritannien 2016 | Drama, Comedy | Simon Aboud | oA

Bella has two obsessions and one big wish: she arranges things constantly, she hates nature, and she wants to write children’s books. But when she sits in front of her typewriter at night, she can’t come up with anything – until her grumpy ...

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